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How To Use Shutters For Various Window Styles

When a window is beautifully covered with shutters instead of a curtain, you admire it in more ways than one. Shutters create elegance not just on the window they rest on, but also to the room that window is placed in. They are beautiful to look at from outside the house as well.

When shutters are regulated to control light, the effect they create is quite dramatic. Unlike curtains, shutters have a uniqueness that is very appealing. Shutters also do a very good job of providing privacy get a good look at how from s:craft. When closed, shutters totally bar the view from inside and outside.

You have probably thought of using shutters in your home but because of the style of windows in your house, you feel it will be impossible. If this is what you think, you are making a big mistake. Shutters are actually one of the most flexible window covers available. They can be made to fit any window style. The possibilities with shutters are endless.

Incorporating Shutters Into Various Window Styles

There are many window styles and a number of them can be used in describing how shutters can be used in windows.

• Casement Windows: Probably the most popular windows, casement windows have a hinge on one side and open at the opposite side. They would usually open outwards but on some parts of a building e.g. the kitchen/dining wall, a casement window which opens inwards, might be more suitable.

Shutters with louvres work best for casement windows. Placing shutters in a casement window is quite easy. The window is measured and the shutter is placed within the frame. When the shutters are open, air and light comes into the room and when the shutter is closed, the opposite is the case.

• Awning Windows: Like casement windows, awning windows have a hinge but the hinge is placed on top of the window so the window opens from the opposite direction which is the bottom.
Again, like the casement window, s-craft shows how shutters can be conveniently placed on an awning window with ease. Shutters with louvres work best for awning windows. Opening or closing the shutter regulates the inflow of light and air.

• Double Hung Windows: Like the name suggests, the double hung window has two sashes, one at the top and the other at the bottom. To open the top sash, you move it towards the bottom and to open the bottom sash, it can be moved toward the top. So basically, to open double hung windows either sash needs to be moved in the opposite direction.

The best kind of shutter for a double hung window would be a shutter made of louvres which is divided in the middle so that each half can open or close independently.
When a shutter over a double hung window, the top shutter can remain shut and keep out air or light whilst the bottom shutter remains open and vice versa.

• Single Hung Windows: The difference between single hung windows and double hung windows is that single hung window has a top sash that is fixed. Only the bottom half can be raised by sliding it upwards.
A shutter that would be suitable for the single hung window would be one split into two. The top half of the shutter can be made with a solid panel which does not open. The bottom half of the shutter can be made with louvres which can be rotated to let light and air into the room.

• Sliding Windows: A sliding window has two sashes; s functional sash which horizontally slides to the opposite direction and the other sash which it fixed. Unlike the single hung window, even though the sliding window has a fixed sash, it can use one shutter made from louvres. Opening it will let in light from both sides and air from the open sash. When the shutter is closed, both air and light are restricted.

• Bays Or Bows: Bays or bows have sashes combined in a frame which all open outwards. None of the sashes are fixed and all of them open outwards. A window like this requires a shutter made from louvre which opens and closes to let in light and air simultaneously. Even though bays or bows have combined frames, a shutter with a partition is not necessary.

• Special Shape Windows/ Odd Shape Windows: These windows come in a variety of shapes. They can be angular, circular, polygonal, combination of angular and circular and a lot more. There is no end to what the shape of a special odd shape window can be. A lot of thought needs to be put into designing shutters for these kinds of windows so that they can be functional enough but add aesthetic value to the window, get ideas from s-craft.

There Is A Shutter For Every Window

When your windows are not the regular, rectangular or square shaped windows with four corners, shutters can be tailor made to cover them well. Shutters are even used to cover doorways, are used as partitions and in large or small rooms.

The general rule of thumb is that once a window has a fixed sash, there just might be a possibility of using a solid panel to create shutters in that area. And if the window has a functioning sash which opens, then louvres can be used to make the shutters for that area.

The height and width of the windows to be covered are irrelevant. A good shutter manufacturer like s-craft will make shutters of any size, shape and style you want. Don’t let anyone fool you into believing that shutters only come in a certain way or fit a specific window style.

Shutters are also very easy to clean and do a very good job of trapping dust. You just need to wipe with a cloth or use a vacuum cleaner nozzle to pull in any dust in hard to reach areas of your window.

The possibilities of creating different styles with shutters are endless. You only require a fitter to take the exact measurement of the shutters and your shutters will be made to fit perfectly. And your supplier will almost always provide fitting services.

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